07 September 2012

Sociologists in the news: Theda Skocpol

… and how the Globe and Mail gets things wrong.

In her column in today's Report on Business section of the Globe and Mail, Chrystia Freeland uses Theda Skocpol's work, and interviews her, about the different situations faced by Obama and FDR.  But, confusingly, the article keeps referring to “his essay” and “he describes.” A look at Freeland's blog post shows that it was not her error (she did interview Skocpol after all), as she always refers to “Dr. Skocpol”: an editor at Report on Business changed some of them to the masculine pronoun. Like the Harper government, the Globe and Mail seems intent on marching us back to the 1950s.

Sadly, Freeland refers to Skocpol as a political theorist, not a sociologist. A Globe article in the past year called Erving Goffman a psychiatrist — we just can't get any respect.

Send me your Sociologists in the News items if they pertain (even loosely) to CNSIMC's agenda.

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  1. Karen Stanbridge18 September, 2012 10:08

    Does this count as sociologists in the news?


    Sociology has become the pundits' "go to" discipline when they want to dis the Arts and university education more generally.