07 April 2009

Call for Papers for the Comparative/Historical Mini-Conference

"Comparing Past and Present"
August 12th, 2009, Berkeley

In addition to our line-up of invited speakers (see
http://www2.asanet.org/sectionchs/chsprogram.pdf), we will accept open submissions for possible inclusion in the CHS Mini-conference. Papers should compare past and present in some way. We are particularly interested in papers that deal with the following topics: theory, methods, economy, immigration, collective action, religion, empires, gender, states, and class.

Papers will be selected for the conference on the basis of quality and fit with the agenda of the mini-conference.

Papers submitted by May 15th, 2009 to Rebecca Jean Emigh (emigh@soc.ucla.edu) will receive full consideration. Any questions, email emigh@soc.ucla.edu.

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