14 April 2009

New article on collective action

Pascale Dufour. 2009. “From Protest to Partisan Politics:When and How Collective Actors Cross the Line? Sociological Perspective on Québec Solidaire.” Canadian Journal of Sociology 34, 2: 55-82

Abstract: This article presents an analytical framework tracing the birth of Québec Solidaire (QS), a self-proclaimed left political party founded in February 2006. We explore the issue by taking into account the internal dynamics of organizations as well as the global political dynamics that have coursed through Quebec in the last 10 years. We propose a sociological reading emphasizing the changes in the balance of power among the main political and social actors. At each of the poles of political representation (electoral democracy pole, participative democracy pole, social democracy pole and protest democracy pole), a disruption in the balance of power between the actors concerned is at the origin of the emergence of Québec Solidaire. Thus, the history of QS is a strong indicator of social and political transformations of Quebec society since the mid nineties.  

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